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Bread Dipping Seasoning

Bread Dipping Seasoning

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Bread, Olive Oil, Bread Dipping Seasoning and GO!

The perfect appetizer, or snack. It won't last long when everyone is standing around the party dish dipping slices of bread into seasoned extra virgin olive oil and tasting this flavor packing Bread Craft collaboration blend.  

Be prepared for delightful notes of ginger, chili, dill and other savory spices in this unique, one of a kind mix.   

How to prepare: Add olive oil into a shallow bowl. Then add a healthy amount of Bread Dipping seasoning into the oil and stir briefly. Slice up a fresh baguette and dip bread slices into the mix. Enjoy! 

*While crafting this blend Spice Titan used the delicious baguettes from Bread Craft in Roanoke, Va. Hop on over there and enjoy this blend in the most authentic way! 

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