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Honey Ranch Seasoning

Honey Ranch Seasoning

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This collaborative blend is designed to be sprinkled on popcorn, chips and all of your favorite munchies! It’ll also add that scrumptious honey ranch BOOM to chicken dishes, sauces, dips, potatoes, and so much more! 

Recipe Idea: For a great French onion style dip- Combine Honey Ranch blend with our Home Base seasoning and sour cream. Mix well and put in fridge for 20 min. Serve with your favorite ruffle potato chips! 

Check out the Big Lick Exotix store either in person (Grandin village Roanoke, Va) or on their website! Big Lick Exotix Website

Just as always we mixed all natural ingredients to create this blend for you. You won't find that with other ranch seasoning blends out there!

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