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Taco Night

Taco Night

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Hi! My Name is Taco Night and I have delicious robust flavor that will rock your Mexican cooking sessions like none other.  ​You'll never want to use a taco seasoning packet from the store again. :)

Some Ideas:
*Works really well with vegetarian or meat mixtures.
*Add this seasoning into ground beef, chicken, shrimp, fajitas, pork or veggie mix for your Taco Tuesday burritos, tacos or taco salads.

*We have an oddly sounding favorite but you must try it! We call it Taco Tuna!  Think Tuna wrap with a big boom in flavor. Empty one can of tuna fish into a bowl. Combine with chopped celery, thinly sliced carrots, a couple of tablespoons of red pepper humus (as a healthy substitute for mayo), add 1/2 tablespoon of Taco Night seasoning, salt and pepper to taste, and mix all ingredients together. Spread Taco Tuna mix on a piece of lettuce or to bread/tortilla of any sort and enjoy. Once tried, you will be a believer too.

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